Photograph (Compilation)

Photograph (Compilation)

This is more just a collection of tracks that I’m making as I live my main life as a professional photographer. Many of them were created as the theme to my photography slideshows and videos. Some were created as background music for my podcast, and some simply came to be. I’m still very much out of my comfort zone sharing my music, and don’t consider myself to be incredibly good at this, so if you don’t like it, please try to be constructive in your comments rather than just telling me I’m crap. This, I already know.

Funky Falcon

This is my first track created entirely on the ROLI Seaboard RISE 49 and Bitwig Studio. The sound of Falcon 2’s new MPE Funk Synth preset was the inspiration for the track. Drums were played into BFD3 using a hybrid XpressPads finger drumming technique. Massive X provides the plucky Artocaster, slightly tweaked preset. The screaming guitar is from ROLI Equator and the flute is Audio Modelling’s SWAM Alto Flute. The ending is a classic CMI emulation in Analog Lab 4.


This track is my longest to date, created in May 2017. I made it as the background music for a video showing what we get up to on my Hokkaido Winter Landscape Photography Adventure Tour, in the northern-most island of Japan each year. You can see the video here:


This is the background music to my Namibia slideshow, made in 2016, including some samples of things like the sound of the wind in the sand dunes, and lions purring. I also based the drum-beat on samples of local music. See the video here:


This is the BGM for my Morocco Photography Slideshow, created August 2018. I tried to give it a bit of an Arabic feel with my choice of chords. Everything was played on a ROLI Seaboard Block, when I first got it a in mid-2018. See the video here:


This is mainly just for the intro and ending of my weekly Podocast audio, but I like to make a full track for the fun of it.